Drinking Water Facility, Soap, Pads and Toilet Paper for Mukuyu Primary School

Hand of Progress e.V.School Projects

This is our first and successfully completed project at Mukuyu Primary School in Kitale, Kenya.

Before WASH interventions

Mukuyu primary  school is a day school with around 700 children (girls and boys), in the age of 3 – 15 years.  There are about 20 instructors.  The current pit latrine toilets are located far from class rooms in order to keep the foul odour away. The residents and businesses in the school neighbourhood have to bear the bad smell which is also noticeable in the whole region. Tragically, the approx. 300 school girls in this school have to share the only available functioning latrine toilet.  This primary school has neither a water borehole nor a rainwater harvesting facility. As a result, no water is available in the school for drinking or washing of hands forcing children to wait until they are back home after school.

After WASH interventions

We are pleased to report that we have finished building the first toilets facility at Mukuyu Primary school with separate areas for boys, girls and the physically challenged. In addition, a borehole was dug to provide water for hand washing and cleaning the facility.  On site is a three chamber septic tank with a filtered soakpit  for sewage disposal. The facility was opened on September 11, 2018.

Accompanying measures

  • Raising awareness about hygiene and sanitation through training and active participation.
  • Support ‘hand washing with soap’ practices for it to become normal.
  • Promote cleanliness through use of toilet paper.
  • Support the care and maintenance of the facility carried out by  local workers and students of the school to sustainably manage the infrastructure.

We need your support for toilet paper, menstrual pads and hand-washing detergent!

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Mukuyu Kids / Health Club

The Mukuyu Kids Club was founded as a follow-up to the construction of the sanitation facility. It ensures the continuation of hygiene awareness, encouraages inter-cultural exchange and supports Christian children’s ministry.

Next Steps

  1. Safe drinking water in the newly created sanitary facility is inevitable.  For the treatment of household water in Mukuyu Primary we plan to mount a water filter in the facility.

Please donate or get in touch with us today!