School Toilets and Bathroom facility for Immaculate Girls Secondary School

Hand of Progress e.V.School Projects

Current situation

Immaculate Girls has approx. 400 female students aged 15 – 20 years, most of whom travel far from the region and are accommodated in the boarding section.   The number of boarding scholars is expected to increase in future.  The few functioning pit latrines and the showers are  deficient and unhygienic without any proper drainage.  The school depends a shallow well for water supply which dries up in the dry season. This forces students to waste valuable school time fetching water from the neighbouring boys’ school or the local river for hygiene and cooking purposes.  Although the region of Kitale experiences heavy rainfalls from March/April to August/September there is no in-built rainwater harversting system in the school.

Implementation plans in 2020

The Structural Work of the girls sanitary facility with showers is scheduled to begin in September of 2019. The cost for this construction project amount is estimated to be about 20,000€ (twenty thousand Euros).

The interior construction of the sanitary facility will start in February 2020 and will also cost about 20,000€ (twenty thousand Euros).

Costs of digging borehole and water supply is appr. 10,000 Euros.

Total Costs summary

  • Structural work:  20000 €
  • Interior Structures: 20,000€
  • Water works: 10000€

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