Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Waste Management

School by School in Kenya

Hand of Progress e.V. is a non-profit Christian organization that supports children whose educational progress and growth is impeded by the inadequate sanitation conditions in their schools. It is our desire that children should have access to clean water, safely managed sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services in safe learning spaces and environments. We believe that all children should have this basic provision for their well-being and dignity.Water, hygiene & SanitationThomas N. helping at the Mukuyu Primary School

Our work!

Toilet Facilities Construction

In Kenyan schools, pit latrines and squat toilets are the most commonly used form of washrooms.  Unfortunately, open defaecation is still widely spread and  the existing squat  latrines are usually neglected, overflowing and unhygienic due to lack of water. We are conviced that it is possible to establish sanitation systems that ensure safe collection, transport, treatment and disposal or reuse of faecal waste produced in schools.

Upgrading the existing toilet infrastructure is not always possible. As a result, Hand of Progress e.V. builds modern but culturally sensitive facilities which are in turn connected to a clean water system.  The facilities are gender sensitive and separated between boys and girls. To accommodate the disabled, stairs are avoided and ramps are used instead.

Menstrual hygiene is a big challenge for the girls. We make sure they have  waste bins and a bathroom in the facility. When possible, we contribute towards menstrual hygiene articles.

Cost: €100 / toilet room
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Hand-Washing Stations

Clean Hands Everyday

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Hand washing is yet to become normal behaviour in schools due to lack of water. Hand-washing stations are an integral part of our projects. They are installed in the toilet building and connected to a water source. The size of the stations depends on the number of students.

In primary schools we ensure that the young children are assisted in the adoption of new hygiene practices.  The emphasis on proper hand washing is now more crucial than ever before because of Covid19 outbreak.

Soap and toilet paper are donated as part of our hygiene education campaign.  Safely managed water and sanitation are a rare commodity in schools. Therefore our the facilities must be well maintained and protected.

Costs: € 700 to € 2000 / unit
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Wastewater Storage and Treatment

Abwasserentsorgung Septic Tank

Construction of a septic tank in Mukuyu School

In rural schools, faecal waste is disposed of in pit latrines when open defaecation is not practiced.  Once they fill up, the pits are covered with earth and the building is demolished and erected anew in a new spot. This habit is irresponsible and unsustainable notably because  groundwater  needs to be protected  from faecal contamination and land is scarce.

Our solution for wastewater disposal is to use decentralised septic tank technology for temporary storage. In the long term, the waste will be treated and converted into valuable end products such as organic fertiliser and energy centrally in biodigesters.

The septic tanks are constructed on site and are shared with neighbouring schools where possible.  This technology has high initial costs but it is quite robust, environmentally friendly, easy to maintain and familiar to the local community.

Cost : €7.000 - €15.000
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Water supply - A borehole is life changing.

The quest for waterSchool children, especially girls, spend many hours a day fetching water from streams, lakes or puddles for their daily needs in their neighbourhood. This water is often unsafe and contains varied pathogens.

Nevertheless,  it is remarkable to note that  the water table in some of the most affected schools is very high and clean water can easily be accessed within 30m - 80 m below the ground surface. School sanitation can easily have a dependable water source for long lasting health benefits.

Our solution is to get boreholes dug in the school vicinity.  This is done manually by the local experts but some regions require water drilling machines. These are safer but too costly.

Manually-dug boreholes unfortunately do not provide enough water and tend to dry up in the hot months.

With the help of a solar or electric water pump, water is stored in water towers from where it is piped to the toilet facilities. We hope to use solar powered water pumps in future to avoid power outages that hinder the efficiency our sanitation facilities.

Costs: € 5000 - €7000 per Borehole
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Erfahren Sie mehr über uns und unsere Vorhaben.

Unsere Hilfe kommt an

700 Kinder haben dank unserer Projekte in 2018 Zugang zu hygienischen Sanitäranlagen.

WASH Projekt in Kitale Kenya

Endlich Hände waschen!

Die erste Schultoilettenanlage haben wir nun erfolgreich gebaut. Im September 2018 eröffneten wir in der Mukuyu Primary School (Grundschule) die Sanitäranlage für 700 Kinder, die vorher nur katastrophale Plumpsklos ohne Abwassermöglichkeiten benutzen mussten.

Die aktuelle sanitäre Notlage und die hygienischen Mangelzustände in den  weiterführenden Schulen in Kitale/Mukuyu bestehen weiter. Auch hier möchten wir verändern und den Kindern eine menschenwürdige Sanitärinfrastruktur bieten.

Unser nächster Schritt ist die Erweiterung der neu erstellten Sanitäranlage mit Trinkwasserversorgung und Gründung eines Kids Club mit folgenden Aufgaben:

  • Hygieneaufklärung spielerisch lernen
  • Die Kinder für ihr eigenes Land begeistern
  • Christlichen Kinderdienst starten

Weitere Projekte und Vorhaben können Sie auf unserer Seite einsehen.

Hygiene Education - Kids Health Club

Hygiene Education

Hygiene Education as important as learning a b c !

We believe that children are the best goodwill ambassadors for improved sanitation. Hygiene Education will raise awareness of how our work relates to their education, health and safety.

This belief led to the establishement of  a Health  Kids club in March 2019. To realised this vision, Hand of Progress e.V. works in partnership with a local Church and our partner organization Grace Foundation Trust. We hope to inspire children to be change agents of tomorrow naturally as we demonstrate our faith in actions and love.

Costs: € 10/ Month
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