das team

The founding members of Hand of Progress e.V. come from different fields and walks of life. They volunteer their time and services to the organisation without benefitting financially from their board membership.
We are committed to the cause of improving sanitation facilities and promoting good sanitation practice in Kenya, school by school. With your regular financial support we can reach more children in a shorter time. Together, we can be agents of change in ensuring universal access to clean water and sanitation (global goals #6) in our area of influence.

Structure of the Board of Directors:

1. Executive Director: Grace Karanja-Nurek

2. Executive Director: Detlef Biber

3. Treasurer: Harry Brakowski

Other Directors

4. Thomas Nurek

5. Simone Hildebrandt

6. Lena Brakowski

7. Jane Kiffmeyer

8. Kevin Hermann

  • Grace Karanja-Nurek
    Co-Founder & Project Manager

    Teacher and initiator of Hand of Progress e.V.  Grace is responsible for implementing and maintaining projects on the ground. Having grown up and gone to school in Kenya, she had accepted the poor state of toilets in school institutions as the norm until she moved to Germany over ten years ago. There, the dream of a clean toilet was born. Her vision like the rest of the members is to improve sanitation school by school in Kenya, for God’s sake and the wellbeing of children.

  • Detlef Biber
    Co-Founder & Trustee

    CEO and entrepreneur at Living Company.  Detlef is keen on long term results, making sure goals are met. He uses his knowledge and experience from the building industry to advance our sanitation projects, mobilise resources and build networks in the industry and community.

  • Thomas Nurek
    Co-Founder & Project Coordinator

     Social worker at the Johanniter in Bielefeld  and enthusiastic Fundraiser. Thomas has organised very sucessful charity runs in past. These and other activities can be followed in our facebook page.

  • Harry Brakowski
    Co-Founder & Treasurer

    CEO and entrepreneur at Bauer International Group GmbH. Harry manages the financial aspects of the organisation and ensures that the available funds are in order.

  • LenaHelene Brakowski
    Co-Founder & Outreach coordinator

    Helene is a great organisor and event manager. She has been in charge of our annual dinner meetings with our sponsors. She has a heart for Africa and is a great sanitation ambassador.

  • SimoneSimone Hildebrandt
    Co-Founder & Outreach Coordinator

    Teacher at Georg Müller Schule in Bielefeld. Simone connects schools to our organisation and has collected pencils, colours and drawing materials for Mukuyu Primary school children in the past.

  • JaneJane Kiffmeyer
    Co-Founder & Outreach Coordinator

    Jane is originally from rural Brazil and has expreinced the problem of poor sanitation first hand. She is a great sanitation  ambassador in the community and fundraiser.

  • Kevin Hermann
    Co-Founder & IT Specialist

    Kevin is a passionate web developer and is responsible for our website, social media presence and fundraiser’s data protection.