Long-term Goals

Our long-term vision is to create a sustainable solution for reuse of human waste on-site by building a biogas plant. In this way, our project plans should ensure long-term benefits.

Other rural schools in Kenya should be reached through our project. With experience from previous projects, we can easily transfer our know-how to other projects.

Jobs creation – with the establishment of sanitary and water supply systems, local technicians etc. are being trained. Thus we promote the “help for self-help”.

Meeting Centre

This establishment will help Hand of Progress e.V. to advance sustainable development in sanitation and ensure ongoing support. From this place current and future projects can be executed. The center ... Read More

Sewage and Biogas Plants

Many rural areas in Kenya, including the Mukuyu Village Community, have no sewer systems and use pit latrines that contaminate ground water with faecal bacteria making it unsuitable for drinking. ... Read More